1. Where can I register for EANS2018?

  • Registration is possible on the website in the Registration section.

2. I have an existing registration account from EANS2017 last year. Can I use it again?

  • Yes, you must use it again. Take advantage of your pre-filled in data from the previous congress.

3. What is the „MyUserArea“?

  • This is your personal registration account that can be accessed at any time with a technical device of your choice and a working internet connection.
  • Please choose one of the topics and submit your abstract via the electronic system (seequestion 2).
  • You can login with your username and password to find important documents in your “MyUserArea” like the registration invoice, QR-Code for Badge print, Certificate of Attendance, Abstract Certificate, Donation Certificate, or Visa Invitation Letter.

4. How can I register for the reduced invited faculty fee?

  • Only faculty who received a notification e-mail from the EANS will be able to register as invited faculty.

5. I am invited faculty and received my personal login data via e-mail. What to do next?

  • Please click on the link provided in your e-mail and login (with user name and password indicated the email) into your pre-arranged registration account. Fill in all your personal data and choose your preferred ticket fee.

6. Students, nurses & residents: I uploaded the required documents for registration (e.g. passport, student card, letter from work,..) but it failed. Can I send the document via e-mail?

7. My status of registration is still named „Confirmation missing“. What to do?

  • After you finalized your registration and uploaded the required documents the latter will be checked within some days and your registration status will change to „Confirmation received“.

8. What happens if I missed the early bird/standard registration deadline?

  • You will need to register for the current registration fee.
  • In case you are already registered but have not paid yet, your registration fee will be automatically adjusted to the current fee.

9. What is the Personal ID and how can I use it?

  • Your Personal ID is a six-digit number that is created automatically with your registration. It is a unique number that is linked with your name and registration account.
  • In case you have registered for EANS2017 last year, please take notice that you have an existing registration account and do not need to start a new registration!
  • You can use your Personal ID to:
    1. search for your registration account at
    2. ask the EANS Organising Team in case you need some help with registration

10. What is the badge code?

  • The badge code is a document that contains a QR-code that is generated automatically with completion of your registration.

11. How can I use my badge code?

  • With the badge (QR) Code you will be able to print your badge yourself at the self-service terminal. It will save time and you don’t need to queue up at the registration desk. So please do NOT forget to bring your personal badge code to the congress venue.

12. Where can I find my badge code?

  • The badge code can be found in your „MyUserArea“.
  • You can either print this document and take the print-out with you to the congress venue or download the PDF (or Code Image) to your smart device and take it with you that way.
  • Please make sure, that the PDF/QR code is downloaded on your device and thus available without internet connection.

13. Where can I find my invoice?

  • The invoice can be found in your „MyUserArea“.

14. How can I receive my certificate of attendance/UEMS certificate?

  • You can download and print your certificate in the „MyUserArea“.

15. Whom can I contact if I have general questions about EANS2018 registration?

  • Please check if you can find an answer to your question(s) in one of the FAQ documents. If the answer is not listed, please contact for general questions.