SQUARE proudly holds the first star of the Ecodynamic label which is awarded by the Brussels Environment agency. We are working hard to win a second and leading this challenge are our two eco-coordinators, who make sure that Team SQUARE consistently improves the sustainability of our infrastructure and services.

This is underpinned by the Think Green policy initiated by GL events, which focuses on saving energy, better waste management, and making sure that our complete supply chain adheres to our environmental commitment.



Mont des Arts/Kunstberg
1000 Brussel, Belgium


GL events runs three initiatives across its international network to carry through on the promises made in its CSR charter. One of these is Think People which is co-managed by the human resources department and has five key objectives: 

  • To identify talent
  • Foster the transmission of know-how and skills
  • Promote diversity
  • Improve the quality of life in the workplace
  • Ensure the responsible management of subcontractors


SQUARE fully embraces its urban surroundings and is involved in local projects like Open Wall and Urban-Jam, where street artists can express themselves and the public can enjoy their work. For the budding hip hop dancers, a mirror wall has been set up at the entrance of SQUARE to help them try out new moves. SQUARE supports and is a partner of events such as the LISTEN digital music festival, Brussels Fashion Days, Urban Trail, Magritte du Cinema, Exhibition Femmes Fatales and several other artistic and caritative projects. 


The area surrounding SQUARE is a hive of cultural activity: you can visit the rooftop terrace of the MIM museum for the best vista over Brussels or take look at one of the exhibits at the BOZAR, an art-deco masterpiece by the architect Victor Horta. Equally close to SQUARE is the Magritte museum and UNESCO World Heritage site of the Grand Place.